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Crosman 2240 parts diagram

By | 23.05.2020

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy and CO2 power provided by the 12 gram Powerlet provides feet per second of power.

A great pistol for target and plinking or small pests. Ergonomically designed ambidextrous grip fits the hand for perfect balance and comfort with checkering and a thumbrest on both grip panels. Rear sight is open and fully adjustable. The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy and delivers speeds up to fps.

A great air pistol for target practice, plinking or small pest control. The Crosman single-shot, bolt-action. The air pistol features a rifled steel barrel for superior accuracy, along with an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading.

The pistol is powered by a gram Powerlet CO2 cartridge, which delivers a power of feet per second. To ensure perfect balance and comfort in the hand, the pistol offers an ergonomically designed, ambidextrous grip with checkering and a thumb rest on both grip panels. Finally, the pistol's rear sight is open and fully adjustable. Adult supervision is required. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death.

This air gun is intended for use by those 16 years or older. Read all instructions before using. Buyer and user have the duty to obey all laws about the use and ownership of this air gun. You and others with you should always wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes. Be careful, shoot safely. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Skip to main content.

We will ship this item as soon as we can and email you a confirmation when it ships. Learn more. In Stock. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy.

Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Crosman Bolt ActionPart No fits all Crosman models etc. Supplied with full instructions. We have air gun stocks…click here.

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. M - Fore end handle for Crosman, pump up pistols, plastic construction.

M - Plastic fore end for Crosman B, brand new. A real enhancement. M - Metal barrel band with fore end attach point for Crosman and XL, shined to a mirror finish. M - Fore arm bracket for Crosman M - Crosman part number screw - valve and front bracket. M - Metal barrel band for to fit Crosman pistol. Lovely shiny look, highly polished to mirror finish. M. M - Safety spring and ball set to fit, and pistols.

Black colour, plastic construction. M - For Crosman a pump lever link piece. M - As above to fit Crosman and Crosman M - Pump rod assembly for Crosman, M - These bolt on to the barrel of the gun to give you two mounting points for a 9- 11mm standard size telescopic sight via the normal mounts supplied with scopes or available separately.

Crosman Parts. Return to home page. Crosman Stock. Upgrade your Crosman. Place your order. M - Barrel band for Crosman pistol. M - Crosman bolt assembly.Cothran Machine Shop custom parts.

Don Cothran has been machining parts for years. After being commissioned to make a left-handed version of the Crosman steel breech, he has gone on to make many different parts for the Crosman 22XX line.

He takes every opportunity to improve on the designs ie. He also has brought a new dimension to modding airguns, Stainless Steel. He is also willing to try the challenge of making new parts. Don likes to work with his customers to make sure they are happy with his parts. Stainless Steel tubes, end caps, bolts and handles. Stainless Steel breeches with your choice of bolt handles.

Bolts available in. These will fit your Crosman 22XX,13XX available in right and left hand, as well as either breech screw location. A stainless steel riser breech also available in Aluminum.

The breech is 6. It took me fifteen minutes to find them when I searching for them. High Rise barrel bands that go with his high rise breech definitely a beautiful combination. Email: doncoth comcast. These will look great on both stainless or black tubes.

A Piercing Plug and a Back Plug are in each set. I have Stainless Steel Tube kits for the and They are beautiful and will great on your gun. Each kit comes with the piercing plug and back cap. These Bolts and Handles are made of Stainless Steel and come in different shapes. The Bolts are 22 and with viton o-rings and magnetic to hold the bolt back while loading. Stainless Steel breeches are also available in short version.

Power Adjusters in three Style. Power adjusters allow you adjust power from Maximum down fps to save CO2. New and latest From Don!

crosman 2240 parts diagram

Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake for the Discovery - Awesome design on the set screws - they are hidden in the first hole. High Rise Barrel Bands.There will be very little on-line presence for the next 16 months as the series of 8 Airgun Reference Books receive attention and Which is better?

The numbers say that double barrel bands are better than a steel breech for accuracy AND velocity, but do not make a very good scope mount. Though replacing the sear spring or compressing or clipping one loop off of the spring can reduce the trigger pull weight, it is not the only thing you can do to improve trigger pull.

Polishing the contact areas and adding shims to the trigger and sear can also help s Phase: 1 T : A particular state in a regularly recurring cycle of changes. The bolts used on the are made of a pretty soft material. Some of the screws require square drives and allen wrenches and some times the heads round off. To make working on the pistol easier and to "dress up" the pistol many people replace the most common screws We have already covered the removal of the Barreled-action in "Barreled-action Mod" and the removal of the trigger frame in "Valve Stability Pt 1".

With both those portions of the pistol removed the receiver end cap, the hammer spring and hammer with pin can be remove The Partridge sight and the diopter sight that come on the are not always the best for fast acquisition. The Ghost Sight that is popular with shotgunners is a viable option for the The addition of a stock to your pistol can have a beneficial effect on accuracy.

Previously published is a post on trigger pull weight reduction and the benefit of a lighter trigger. Beyond that the shoulder s Building the stock adapter was the most complicated part of the process and will be presented here first in Part A sabbatical! August 30, Read More. Double Barrel Bands.

July 1, Trigger Polishing. June 1, Word of the Month. May 27, May 3, Rebolt Kit Pt 2.

2240/1740 Diagram & Spare Parts

May 1, Valve Stability Pt 2. April 1, Making a Ghost Ring Sight. March 2, Above is one possible sight picture for your The factory diopter option Do It Yourself Stock: Part 2. January 31, Do It Yourself Stock: Part 1. January 1, Heat is the easiest way to remove the seal, I don't like fire in the shop so the leister comes into play, it heats to about degrees, that is enough to soften the valve stem seal and to make separating the valve stem from the valve easier.

Either way works my little grinder is always at hand so it gets used the most. What little crud in the valve is enough to make it leak. If its a simple rebuild or a complete restore, fixing pot metal or welding safety's they all take there own time, some are quick and easy to fix, others are more time consuming, either way they need to get done. I almost welded this safety without pictures.

Crosman Mark 1 Valve stem side by side with custom valve stem This gun needs a new valve stem. The one above still needs a bit of trimming but the basic size it there.

This dried out old seal has done its job for years, but now its time for a new one. As you can see the seal is brittle and useless as a sealing surface. Now that everything is done, don't forget The piercing cap pin seal Without this O-ring you may as well vent your Co2 into the air.

Also if you don't have a tool to remove the piercing guide nut, GET ONE, its real easy to damage the nut and once its gone its gone! Below is a damaged piercing pin nut we had to remove from the piercing body, the threads above the nut were damaged, luck was on our side the damage was high enough we could use a tap to get most of them straight.

One would think the nut is made of hardened steel but its not, its soft as butter. If you were to have only one tool for the MK, I would say this would be the tool to have, this is a very thin walled part, damage comes very easily. You can see how short the nut is.

Now for the final touch, snug down the barrel nut. Another good thing to do is to use a good oil on the nut when you assemble the cap, I use nickel paste, this insures the next disassembly is a smooth one. Since these piercing assemblies are no longer made this is where restoration comes in. First we disassemble clean all the sharp edges then we get to restoring the knurl. After the knurl is complete we blue and reassemble with new seals.

The pin we machine is a bit longer to open the Co2 cartridge a little more then the stock pin. I haven't done too much research, making the replacement wasn't so much about performance increases as it was to just replace the broken part. When I get the time I will show the entire piercing assembly we make to replace the lost set up. Barrel Nut Tool Valve Puller.Product Categories. Airgun References. Blog and Videos Airgun Links.

crosman 2240 parts diagram

Important Information. Toggle navigation MENU. Airgun Safety Warning. Parts Kits for Crosman Airguns. Bore-Whips Cleaning Pull Throughs. The parts kits on these pages fit the current Crosman air pistols and other models that share common parts, including some air rifles. Many of these parts kits fit the CrosmanCrosman, Crosman S and T air pistols. Installation may invalidate the warranty on airguns offered by Crosman Corporation. Details of parts origin are given in every product page.

As Crosman airguns have been produced in a bewildering variety of models, some over many years and in many versions, please check that these parts kits fit the precise model airgun you have. The vast majority of parts will fit, but there are bound to be occasional exceptions. Archer Airguns cannot provide telephone or email support to help you fix your gun, even if you decide to use our parts kits.

crosman 2240 parts diagram

Please do NOT order parts kits if you do not know what you are doing and understand how the gun works. Considerable danger - or even death - can be caused to you and others if you re-assemble the gun incorrectly. Archer Airguns will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from attempted repairs to airguns.

You will be asked to electronically sign a disclaimer before your parts kit order can be accepted.Show results as a: Grid. This is for the Blue Transfer Port seal only. Details Add To Cart.

Crosman Genuine Factory Parts

This kit includes all the seals for these guns including the Co2 bottle seal and Exhaust valve seal. The later seals are not It may also fit similar models that have the plastic breech. Don't forget Crosman Stainless Steel Valve. Made so you can change the seal easily by just unscrewing the front and replacing the seal. Saves money in the long term.

You can add an extra High Quality seal for only Made so you can change the Co2 bottle seal easily by just unscrewing the front and replacing the Co2 seal. Also has improve sealing face. Crosman longer higher power bolt probe with a Stainless Steel Polished handle, The Longer probe gives maximum flow and power.

The standard bolt Approximately 12 mm thick. Special offer of adding an extra A frame so you can mount them apart to give a more The standard exhaust valve does not dismantle so you cannot change the seal. Ours is modified so you can unscrew the stem from the head for Before tuning we recommend that you fit our Rear Dovetail block for maximum efficiency or the Longer Bolt probe.

Includes: Set of 3 different strength springs Crosman Rear Dovetail block. Crosman Stainless Steel Polished handle for Longer threaded probe.


Crosman Stainless Steel bolt Handle only. For those who just want the SS Handle. This is for the XL Model that has a short threaded bolt probe. This will not fit the standard Crosman models that have a Crosman Extra wide Trigger 6 mm wide, and includes our Free trigger tuning kit which This is for the Trigger Kit Only See trigger and kit if you want

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